Operating in the African and European markets since 20 years, NIELSEN designs, manufactures and sells waste management and recycling solutions for the Agrofood Industries (among other market segments).


NIELSEN builds balers, plastic crushers, shredders, food waste destroyers, bottles and aluminum cans’ perforators, sorting lines, conveyors, bins, lif tipping devices and many other tailor made solutions that turn waste into value.

Certifications :

Certifications :
CE Mark
Certification ISO 9001
“EDILE” CSR label
3 Innovation awards
3 patents


Leader in Africa with 5 subsidiaries, the company is referenced over almost 20 countries in many first class international agro-food companies such as: Coca Cola, Danone, Mondelez, Candia, Castel, Tropicana, Cristaline, Lesieur, Compagnie Fruitière... and in in hundreds of local and regional leaders.

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